How to Easily Autofocus and Blur Photos With Photoshop

How to Easily Autofocus and Blur Photos With Photoshop

How to Easily Autofocus and Blur Photos With Photoshop
How to Easily Autofocus and Blur Photos With Photoshop

Nowadays there are many different camera effects available, not only sophisticated DSLR cameras. Nowadays also Android HP can be used to take pictures with various other interesting effects. So like the post I explained Sebelum-sebelumnya that discusses about Android and various interesting things.

Maybe of us ever heard of the blur effect, in fact need to be buddy know that the blur effect is the same as autofocus. Pungkin Terms and the intention is different, but for the same result Kok sob. An explanation of autofocus is the effect of focusing on a specific object by providing a blurry effect to other unspecified objects. Then for the blur effect itself more broadly the servant of the buddy, blur means blurring and this you can blur anywhere.

But most of us just blurred the object, for example when the football player is in the magazine then it focuses only the player himself. Well most with a quick way we can use a sophisticated DSLR camera, but certainly it is very expensive considering the price of a DSLR camera is quite high.

For me that is in the village may not be able to buy such a camera, it will not run out we can also wink photo background using Adobe Photoshop. For the actual version we can use Adobe Photoshop photo editing application version cs4 to CS6 which is quite easy in its use.

As I've already explained that Blur will give a clear effect on the objects that are not blur, this way is quite easy and practical without the need to use a DSLR or other camera. Simply with Adobe Photoshop you can blur the photo or image with the autofocus of the object.

Well that photo above is a photo blur by using Adobe Photoshop, for a simple tutorial banget ya buddy stay Follow the tutorial how to make autofocus on computer & laptop using Photoshop.

How to create a Blur Background/Autofocus photos and images

For the steps I used Adobe Photoshop CS6, but for a buddy that used the old version also does not matter because the features are also the same, okay here's a quick way to blur background and autofocus photos using Photoshop on PC computer.

  1. Make sure you have the photo to be edited.
  2. For ways that I will share I use my friend's photo objects that are again on the beach.
  3. Then you can selection the photos of people or objects using the Magnetic lasso tool (L), follow the following image, remember only the part you want to focus only.
  4. How to blur in Photoshop one
  5. If Sudha selects the object then you can click the button on the keyboard: Ctrl + Shift + I.
  6. Afterwards you can go to the Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur menu.
  7. The selection of Blur two objects
  8. Next you can set the blur level, swipe right to blur more and swipe to the left of less blur for. Adjust it accordingly to your buddy.

How to blur photos with Photoshop three

Well done, just save the result click the file > Save As. And fill in the format you want, to blur yourself the result is above the SOB. That way you can autofocus without using a DSLR camera.

Maybe quite a few times my buddy makes a blur in Photoshop & Autofocus background on PC. If you have questions about the above article, then Buddy can give questions in the Comments field, follow step by step well for good results also.

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