How to install CorelDraw On a PC or Laptop

CorelDraw is one of the most popular graphic design software used in the digital world. For designers both beginners and professional designers, CorelDraw is made the mainstay software in creating vector lines, for example in the creation of a logo, calendar, custom design and more. Some of the tools in it are quite easy in designing activities. A vector graphics Editor created by a software company named Corel located in Ottawa, Canada, also has a powerful feature.

How to install CorelDraw On a PC or Laptop

Some of the basic features included in CorelDraw include Quick Start that serves to make it easier to prepare a new graphic design space or revamp a previously created graphic design. Hints as a hint in the process of creating an image or text object. The Menu Bar serves to facilitate the use. Standard Toolbar is a system for placing symbols with a fast process.

Property Bar is an additional facility that will appear when you select one of the tools in the toolbox that serves to simplify the use of tools in the facility of the toolbox to be used. The Toolbox is a button icon for creating or editing an object. Status Bar is an information system in the status line that pertains to objects either image or text or the process tool that has been selected. Color Pallete to shade the image or text object. Dialog Box to set up a number of complex processing facilities and Docker is a system of laying out a number of dialog boxes that are considered frequently used in fixed form on the right side of the dialog box.

As for being able to install CorelDraw, you should pay attention to the PC/laptop spec you have. The requirement system is Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with the latest service pack installed (32 bit/64 Bit Edition), Intel Pentium 4, AMD 64 AthlonT or OpteronT AMD, RAM 512 MB but recommended 1 GB, 750 MB hard disk (1 GB for Regular installation without content) to install additional content then it takes 6 GB, screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768, DVD Drive, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher.

In this article, Plimbi will give a review on the steps you have to take in how to install CorelDraw using keygen, it serves to get serial number and activation of CorelDraw program. For example here will use the installation of CorelDraw X6, but if you want to install X4 or X5, you can do with the same steps. Here's how to install CorelDraw:

  • Before running the installation, download first CorelDraw X6. You can get it here.
    Download also keygen here.
    After that, run the CorelDraw X6 application with the exe extension (CorelDRAWGraphicsSuiteX6Installer_EN32Bit. exe).
    Put a checkmark on "I accept the terms in the license Agreement"
    Click Next.
    Then fill in "user name " With the name you want.
    Click "I have a serial number "
    Open keygen and enter serial number by Meng-copynya then paste into "serial number CorelDraw ".
    Do not close keygen first.
    Click Next.
    Wait for the installation process to complete.

The way to activate the program CorelDraw is:

  • Run the CorelDraw program that you have installed.
    Click "Other activation Options" located in the left-hand corner.
    Click "Phone Corel ".
    Back in the Keygen application then enter the installation code on the keygen.
    After that click "Activation ".
    Enter the code installation in the Activation code.
    Click "Continue ".
    Click "Close ".
    The activation process is complete.

That's the steps you have to take on how to install CorelDraw and its activations on your PC/laptop.

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