How to Resolve Error Not Enough Memory (RAM) in Photoshop

How to Resolve Error Not Enough Memory (RAM) in Photoshop

How to Resolve Error Not Enough Memory (RAM) in Photoshop
How to Resolve Error Not Enough Memory (RAM) in Photoshop

Got a "Not enough memory (RAM)" Error in Photoshop? Quiet! No need to panic should replace your laptop or PC. First try these tips, who knows the following ways to help overcome them.

Adobe Photoshop has long been known as the best image processing app. Well known, all edited photos are often called ' already diphotoshop ' or ' photoshopped ' in English. But to be able to use Photoshop, we also need to have a capable device. If not, just be ready to wipe the chest looking at the Lemot Photoshop when accessed.

One of the problems that Photoshop users often have with regards to a device is the inadequacy of memory (RAM), even when doing simple things like storing new files in Photoshop. When this happens, the error message "Could not complete the XXX command because there is not enough memory (RAM) " is usually displayed.

Adobe Photoshop itself does require a sizable amount of memory. For Photoshop CC version 2014 and above requires 2GB of RAM with a recommendation of 8GB RAM. While for Photoshop CS5 & CS6 requires less memory of 1GB of RAM. And for the old Photoshop version CS4 down enough requires 512MB of RAM only.

How to troubleshoot "Not enough memory (RAM)" errors in Photoshop

Setting Performances

When the device you are using has a sufficient memory but still gets an error message  "Not enough memory "Maybe you just need to set the memory allocation for Photoshop only." To do so, go to EDIT» PREFERENCES» PERFORMANCES menu, then change the amount of memory that Photoshop can use by entering a larger value or sliding the slider in the menu.

For the record, changing the Performance Photoshop settings like this can sometimes cause errors for some users. This happens to users of older versions or you who are updating your version of Windows to the Windows 10 Creator Update.

This error will pop up An error message "An integer between 96 and 8 is required. Closest value inserted  ". To resolve this invalid numeric entry error, we can do it manually by adding a new key in the Windows registry.

Use memory wisely

  • If you have a device with a fitting memory but still want to try Photoshop, you have to be more wise to use it. Some simple steps you can do, among others:
  • Edit a single file, don't simultaneously open multiple Photoshop files.
  • Edit the file with a smaller resolution. The smaller the resolution the smaller the file size. The effect is of course on smaller memory consumption as well.
  • Using an older version of Photoshop that requires less memory. Just make sure all the tools you need are in the old version.
  • Don't open other software while using Photoshop, let alone a lot of memory draining apps like Google Chrome.

Add RAM or replace new device

Hopefully you don't need to do this well. If both of the above solutions are not able to solve Photoshop's not enough memory, you may have to upgrade your device or buy a new device instead.

If this is a burden, try out an alternative image editor app in addition to Photoshop like GIMP that requires a smaller amount of memory.

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