How to Solve CorelDraw Can Not Save, Export and Print in All Versions

How to overcome CorelDRAW can not save, print and export. In the last month, Corel has selected some users who use pirated software or illegal, this is evidenced by the existence of special message containing software Corel Draw illegal then on the menu save, export, print and other files cannot be used.

Corel has several versions including the Variants X4, X5, X6, X7, and the last version is X8. X here is symbolized by the number 10 because in the Romans ' X ' it means ten, so the developer Corel draw make a variant with the special purpose is to simplify the memory of the user.

How the hell to fix the problem for easy handling and can get its solution? Well on this occasion I will discuss it because my Corel software encountered a similar thing to do action to fix it.

Tutorial handling Corel Draw Error locked feature in File Menu

Here you only need the raw file CorelDRAW because of the way the only one is just uninstalled yaa, I have not found a solution to not uninstall the application, therefore I can only give tips so as not to get illegal reshuffle from Developer.

1. I think you have uninstalled the Corel software Yes, because this tutorial basic really. For those of you who do not know I give tau so that everyone good beginners can feel the uninstallation.

1.1 Look for the Control Panel where each Windows differs from this feature, if on my laptop (Windows 10 Pro has not update) can be found by pressing the Windows X-> Control Panel-> Programs-> Program and Fearure-> Then will appear many applications installed, select CorelDRAW-> Right click-> Uninstall-> Done.

2. After uninstalling, the next step is to first download the Corel Drawnya can be through Google.

3. For those who have downloaded, extract first file until the opening of all contents then install the application Corel as usual. Then follow the instructions below to block a firewall owned by CorelDRAW.

3.1 Open Control Panel can press the Icon Windows + X or search in the Search menu of the Windows type Control Panel.

3.2. Select System and Security menu until new menu select Windows Firewall-> Find the Advanced Setting menu (on the left of the screen)-> Select Outbound Rules (also in the top left corner of the screen)-> Find the New Rules menu in the upper right corner.

3.3 After clicking New rules will appear a new menu where you only need click Next-> appears new menu here you have to enter a program that connects the Internet to Corel and you must search for it.

3.4 You can find his files in Local Disk (C:)-> Program Files (x86)-> Corel-> CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6/X7/X8 (as per your Corel version)-> Connect-> Click on Connect. exe-> Open-> Click Next continue (if found there are allow the connection and block pills menu IH block only because we need to block the Internet to enter the application Corel-> Click on Next-> Next-> Fill in the name it's up to your liking-> Finish.

4. Here you have already block Internet access into CorelDRAW, thus you have successfully followed the tutorial that I gave to solve your problem and immediately get the best solution.

5. For those of you who are not familiar can watch the video below for more details on the error of the cord and detected illegal should pay a dollar if the wrong guns 520 dollars.

A little tips NIH, for problems above already tested in X3, X4, X5, X6, X7 and X8. If it is more secure when you first open the panel you are not advised to use the Internet, if you want to wear it when you've open AJA application because the software program will not identify any pirated.

Q: Why do you know unisnstall kalo Ujung2nya need the file connect. exe? How to browse Kalo asked Unistall first?

A: Above already explained Loh, after uinstal tuh i suruh install it again so you can browse the file Connect before running the application CorelDRAW it, so I mean tuh uninstall once let applications are not detected, if guns in the uninstall is hard to Restore it, continue the function of firewall block connect tuh so no more connection (WiFi) goes to CorelDRAW. Read well – well so no more mistakes.


Such reviews are useful for you, hopefully with this article in writing many people who know about the danger is pirated but still can be solved in the way above that is overcoming CorelDRAW can not print, save and export. Easy to stay follow the Tutornya, good luck!!!.

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