How To Solve CorelDraw X7 Can Not Save File

If you are a freelance design Gafis it will be very familiar with the term CorelDraw. CorelDraw application is a Windows based application/software that serves to create a graphic design ranging from templates (a kind of flat design) to advance design.

But what happens if the corelDraw application you install is unexpectedly problematic. As I experienced a few days ago where the intense CorelDraw X7 I use suddenly can not save, Save as, Print, Export etc. definitely a headache?

Of course this problem should be treated as resolved. One way or method that can be used is to use Crack help.

Causes CorelDraw can not save

If asked why what it is because it is because the installation of CorelDRAW Terdetek using illegal means. Illegal means not in the official way with other languages "Lu install free " so gan. Known! Aridua.

CorelDraw solution can not Save, Export, Print etc.

Than on lamenting the problem of mending focus to the solution. A proven successful solution is to use a third-party application a.k.a. Crak.


But earlier you need to understand together that this way is actually illegal because we use an application without an official license from the developer of the Corel Draw application. The compound if you may be subject to copyright infringement cases. Therefore it's good if you have the ability to buy official licenses then purchase it! It's much better.

So in return to each personal consciousness.

Ok First this way I know I can only use for CorelDraw X7.

First, Donwload used to Cracknya here this link. After that run the crack according to your Windows bite (36 bits or 64 bits) how to right click and select Run As adminitrator. Then it will display a screen view as following screenshots shown.

Secondly, press Patch will appear a ' Can't Find the file ' notification window. Search The File? "In the notification window select Yes

You will be redirected to the Explorer menu window to search for files. This step will repeat 5 times with different files to look for.

Here's the directory location of each file:

File 1, 2, 3: C:Program FilesCorelCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7Programs
File 4: C:Program FilesCorelCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7Connect
File 5: You can search for it by file name with the searching feature. But if you do not find the file location to 5 You can try this file. The consequence if and did not find the file to 5 is illegal message application still appears but the function of Save, export, print and other functions previously blocked is already usable.

If the steps have been skipped it will appear a message "Paching succesfull "

You just have to check if the Save, export print feature and other blocked features have been blocked or not.

This way has been proven work to overcome CorelDraw X7 can not ngeSave, Export etc. For many may be useful.

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