How to Solve The Program Can Cot be Opened Has Stopped Working in 4 Minutes

How to fix a software or program that "Has Stopped Working " Can not be opened is one of the problems that occur on the computer OS ber Windows.

How to resolve the program has stopped working on Windows 7

Usually applications that have problems can not be opened is a pirated application like CorelDraw X.. Pirated, or other pirated software.

But there are also other factors that can cause the program in Windows can not be opened like the deletion of files by antivirus installed on our computer. And the computer is exposed to viruses......

Usually this happens in Windows 7 or 8 as well as Windows-Windows old output (XP, etc)......

Any cause that resulted in the Program can not be opened is not a problem that we want to know deeply but how to fix the software that can not be opened so that it can be used again normally.

If you are having problems like the one I mentioned above then you can apply the following tips so that your problem can be solved.

How to solve the Program can not be opened "Has Stopped Working " in 4 minutes

To solve/How to fix all the programs can not be opened in Windows 7, 8 and XP marked with the Advent window Has Stopped Working

Here's the step:

1. Click Start > > Control Panel

2. System and Security

3. Select System

4. Advanced system setting

5. Settings....

6. Select Execution Data Prevention Data Execution prevention

7. Tick "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select "
Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select

8. Click Add
9. Find the problem program, if you've met select the program > > Click Open the problematic program here CorelDRAW

10. If you are hard to find the app location, this is the solution:
Click Start
Highlight the application concerned, because the problematic application Corel draw then I highlight CorelDRAW
Right-click the > Application > select Propertie
Select General
In the location option click and then swipe I use the tab to the right on your keyboard (a triangle image like play music on the keyboard)

Record the location
Now you know the location of the problematic application, back to the initial problem

10. Tick "InstallShield"

11. Click Apply

12. Estar Computer

13. Try running the app

Congratulations, the application is already running like all and the notification box "Has Stopped Working " does not appear anymore.

Okay so, my post titled "How to overcome the Program can not be opened " Has Stopped Working "in 4 minutes " I give you hopefully can help you who have problems with the software that is on your computer.

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If the above way does not manage to make improvements to the program there is a powerful way of addressing Has Stopped Working in Windows on this blog that you can visit as well.


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