How to Use CorelDraw X7

Corel Draw is a graphic design vector editing application both 2D and 3D. This application is a software company that originated in Canada. For those of you who are just starting graphic design, this app is one of the right recommendations. Corel Draw X7 is a series of new Corel. How to use Corel Draw X7 is no different from the previous series. One of the Corel draw functions is to create a logo.

How to Use Corel Draw X7 for Hand Logo Design

1. Install CorelDraw X7

The first thing you have to do is have the application in advance. You can download this Corel Draw x7 on the search site or official website. Buying in a shop or a person seller software can also. If you've got this app, then follow the installation steps until it's done.

2. Open Software CorelDraw X7, Then New Document

Once the app is installed perfectly, the next step you need to do is to open a new blank document or a new worksheet. After that you will be faced with a blank working paper view with various toolbars and toolbox that are in Corel Draw. This sheet that you will later use to create the logo.

3. Select Bezier on the Left Toolbar to Create a Continuous Pattern

You select the toolbar on your left and choose the Bezier tool. Using this tool create a pattern that interconnects between the starting point to the end. At the end your starting point and end point will be connected to each other. Make a rough shape like your palm with 5 fingers. Next it will use another toolbar to refine the shape.

4. Select Toolbar Shape Tool

Then you click on all the dots to be created pattern until the point is shaped squares. Next you select Convert to curve. There will appear two arrows facing each other. The arrows can be turned into flexible lines and you can adjust the arrows by clicking the drag in the arrows. Do the same on every corner.

5. Give Color

How to use Corel Draw X7 to create the final logo is to give it a color. Because the logo created is the palm, then you can choose to use brown color. Using the right colors, the logo you create becomes more vivid and attracts attention.

That's the explanation that I can convey hopefully add to our design science.

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