Resolving Error 38 in CorelDraw X7

Maybe friends there are Nanya, Corel Draw what is it? To answer this question, please drop by the Big library of Wikipedia in "What is Corel Draw". Back to the problem on Corel Draw. It is sometimes a headache to overcome the trouble and various software errors. One of them error 38 on Corel Draw on X-7. Resolving error 38 in Corel Draw is very easy to know how. If you've tried it, you'll be thinking there's not a problem anymore in your application. By recognizing many problems and trying to find solutions then you will get used to the problem, so proficient in solving problems that occur on our computer.

Resolving Error 38 in Corel Draw X7

This way can not only be used to resolve errors 38 in Corel Draw X7 only, but Corel draw other versions. This Corel draw error solution I've tried in other versions, and it works. How to resolve error 38 in Corel Draw is very easy and very quick to overcome. The essence of the problem is that there is a part of the application Corel draw that does not start up automatically, which is needed to coincided with the application of Corel Draw.


You see the image above, the desktop image of the Sitampan, follow these instructions

1. Press Win + R, you type in the Open box with "services. MSC" then in the name row find "Protexis licensing" as below screenshot shown

2. You double click "Protexis Licensing"

3. In the option "Startup type", (according to the top image in the number 3) you select "Automatic"

4. See number 4, in service status you click "Start" until the status is "started" as the picture at the top.

If the above ways are still not able to solve the error 38 in Corel Draw, then try this way to open the application Corel Draw.

Please follow the steps from the picture above. By following these steps, God willing to overcome the error 38 that makes unable to open the application Corel Draw.

That's how to resolve error 38 in Corel Draw X7 and also Corel draw other versions such as Corel Draw X5, X6 and Corel Draw other versions. It is very easy not a 38 error problem on this Corel draw. Good luck Yes, hopefully the error problem in this Corel draw application can be resolved immediately.

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