11 How to increase resolution & sharpen photos without breakage (100% Work)

11 How to increase resolution & sharpen photos without breakage (100% Work)

1. With Online application Waifu2x

The zoom resolution feature is developed by a Japanese developer, a simple look. With it you can enlarge the resolution of photos and images without blurring and breakage, as well as the condition of the image remains sharp.

Here are some ways you can increase the resolution of your photos without breaking:

1. With Online application Waifu2x

The zoom resolution feature is developed by a Japanese developer, a simple look. With it you can enlarge the resolution of photos and images without blurring and breakage, as well as the condition of the image remains sharp.

Using this online application can be done on a computer, Android and other, to do it required Internet connection. Here below are the steps:
First open the website at http://waifu2x.udp.jp
Once the website is open, the photo or image input is yours. Click "Choose File" and then select a photo file.
Then setting it in the Settings section. In the Style section, select Photo.
Then in the "Noise Reduction" section, select High.
In the Upscaling section, select 2x.
Well, now the last step is click Convert.
After that it will open a new page where the page you can save the photo. The trick is to click Save As.
The Website will directly process the photos, which you can then open in the image of a compuer or smartphone.
Congratulations, the photo has been present in a larger resolution without experiencing breakage or blur.

2. Enlarge the photo size and resolution with Adobe Photoshop
You can do this using the phenomenal software that is Adobe Photoshop. You can do this by using Adobe Photoshop CS5, or in other versions of Photoshop.

On each version of Photoshop software is likely the same way. Well, just go to the following below steps to enlarge the size and resolution of photos with Adobe Photoshop software:

1. First run the Adobe Photoshop software.
2. Then open the image that you want to enlarge resolution. Just click on File and then click Open, then select the image.
3. Once the selected picture or photo appears in the app, then set up a new layer. Click the File menu and select New.
4. After that, it appears a new layer. There you fill from "Name " according to your Wishes (free).
5. Then set the layer size (if it can be with a large size, but this is free according to your wishes and needs).
6. Then the content from "Resolution " with a high number, the bigger the numbers then the image quality is getting better, but so the image file size is also getting bigger.
7. After that click OK.
8. Then move the image that you will enlarge the resolution into a NEW LAYER (can be by clicking-drag).
9. To start the image transfer process, click the Move Tool found in the Toolbox.
10. Then move the image layer that will be enlarged the resolution into the white layer.
11. Once removed then it can be seen the comparison in the image that will be enlarged the resolution with the appearance layer (small one).
12. Then make sure the top layer is the layer of the image that will be enlarged the resolution, then click on the "Layer" menu, then select "Smart Objects", then choose "Convert To Smart Object".
13. After that to start enlarging the image object then click the "Edit" menu, then select "Free Transform" or "Transfrom" (the same). When selecting TRANSFROM then select "Scale".
14. If the image has the size you want, then there are some other simple processes that need to be passed, so then you just have to save the image that you have zoomed in size and resolution. Click the File menu, and then select Save As.
15. Good luck.

3. Online Application Imageoptimizer.net

This online application allows you to reduce the image size, but also change the resolution of the image, whether it is larger or smaller.

It's also an image optimizer tool, with which you can also compress images. How to use it:

  • First visit the website at http://imageoptimizer.net/Pages/Home.aspx
  • Then click on the Choose File button (choose File).
  • Then a new window will appear, then select the image you want to do.
  • Then click on the button "Open" in the window called.
  • Determine the quality of the image you want to use (Normal, Best quality, minimum quality, etc.).
  • Then specify the size of Max width and Max Height (freely specify the number).
  • Then click on the Optimize Now button.
  • If you have displayed a message "Your Image is now optimized ", it means that the image has been done optimization according to the size you want.
  • Click on the button "Download to your computer" to download the image.

4. Enlarge the image resolution on Android
For users of Android smartphones, you can enlarge the image resolution on the device. One of the Android apps that you can use is the Photo compress app. How to use the app:

  • After you install the Photo Compress app on the Google Play store.
  • Then run the Photo Compress application.
  • Then select or open the "Pick an image from Gallery" menu.
  • Select the photo you want to enlarge.
  • Select in the middle menu that is "Resize image".
  • Then select the Pixel menu instead of the percentage.
  • After that you set the number to your liking (free). You can use numbers like 1280 * 600 or any other.
  • After that, click Resize.
  • The process for image resolution conversion starts, wait until it finishes.

Online tools and other image Editor Software:

5. Online Application Compressjpg.com
The Compress JPEG online Tool is also powerful in optimizing images. Its cool feature is that it allows you to compress images in bulk (and many) of up to 20 images.

Agat is no hassle then the result of optimized images you can download in the form of ZIP archive file.

If you want to compress images in PNG format, then this online tool has a brother that is Compresspng.com.

6. Online Application Smush.it
Smush.it has been very famous, the ability to prove can change the image to lighter and of course without changing the quality. There are several settings that can be adjusted to your liking, including you can choose the desired image quality.

7. Online Application Kraken.io
Tool Kraken.io. You can use to optimize your images, the main focus is the feature that can compress an image without having to lower the quality of its image.

8. Online Application Punypng.com
Using PunyPNG's online tool, you can shrink the size of a PNG-formatted file. But only PNG format can be supported by this online tool. To use this online application visit the page http://punypng.com

9. Gimp Software
Gimp is a free alternative software for Adobe Photoshop, which you can use to enlarge images. To use it, first run the GIMP software, then open the image you want to resize.

Then go to the Image = > Scale Image menu. After that you enter the desired dimensions (free). Then under the quality section then select Sinc (LANCZOS3) as the interpolation method, and then click the Scale Image button.

10. Software Fastone Image Viewer
FastStone Image Viewer Software has a lot of features to change image size and resolution, convert and edit images. In addition, there is a feature so that users can eliminate the red-eye effect and set the color of an image.

FastStone Image Viewer Support in a lot of formats namely JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, ICO, TIFF, WMF and TGA. It also supports RAW digital camera formats such as RAF, SRF, CR2, NEF, PEF, MRW, ORF, DWG, CRW.

This Program can be an alternative Image Viewer in addition to ACDSee. With it you can also convert or change the image format, other), crop (crop), etc.

11. Irfanview Software
Irfanview Software is only available for Windows-based operating systems. IrfanView provides a clever way to make the image size larger. How to use it:

  • Open your image in the Irfanview program.
  • Then go to Image = > Resize/Resample.
  • Then a new window appears, inserting the desired image size freely in Set Image Size.
  • Then select Resmaple with the Size method.
  • On the filter drop down menu, select Lanczos (at the latest).
  • Then tick the box next to ' Apply Sharpen After Resample '.
  • That way, the process of resizing the image starts, and then saves the result on your PC.

In Irfanview software There is a feature to adjust the sharpness and contrast of images.

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