Parts of the Adobe Photoshop Workspace

toolbox pada ruang kerja Adobe Photoshop

Parts of the Adobe Photoshop Workspace

Before we step into the tutorial material, I will introduce first anything in the Adobe Photoshop workspace. What I'll show you on this post is the working space found in Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2 which is also the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. Although the latest, for parts of his workspace does not differ considerably from what was in the previous version of Adobe Photoshop. And here are the parts of the Adobe Photoshop CC workspace:


Toolbox on Adobe PhotoshopTools Box workspace
It has been explained in the previous article about Adobe Photoshop and its features, that one of the main features found in Adobe Photoshop is TOOLS. Tools are a very important element in Photoshop, since all the editing processes in Photoshop always use tools. However, not all tools are displayed. To display it right click on one of the tools to find other tools. The Tools box itself is located at the left of the Photoshop workspace.


Menu Bar on Adobe PhotoshopMenu Bar workspace
The menu bar is one of the sections that has various menus and is useful for doing commands such as creating a new page, opening an image file, or a menu that serves to copy and paste.


Panels on the Adobe PhotoshopPanel/Palette Workspace
The panel consists of the Navigation Panel, the Color Panel, the History Panel as well as the most important is the Layer Panel. Judging from the parts of the panel, then it already looks what the function of the panel itself.

  • Navigation Panel useful as a navigation info provider on a work page
  • Color Panel to make it easier to select colors and styles
  • The History Panel provides any information we've worked on the work page
  • Layer Panel, use to edit a layer.


Option Bar on Adobe PhotoshopOption Bar workspace
This section is a section that allows you to set up tools that contain other menus of the tools we use.


Work page on Adobe Photoshophwork workspace
Next is part of the working page, this is the place to do the editing process such as inserting images, text, and so forth


The Work page tab on the Adobe Photoshop workspace Tab of the work page
Different from the work page, this section shows and selects the different work pages that we are working on.

Yes that's the parts of the Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) workspace in its outline. Hopefully useful, and thank you for visiting proficient Photoshop.

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